Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aliens Can be Abducted Too!!!

Recently I was babysitting my Mom's puppy, Rayden. Well lets just say he's not a "small" puppy. He is a 7 month old Australian Shepard and is already atleast 60 lbs..... Anyways, he was exploring the downstairs of my home and went into my art room, seconds later he comes running out with something in his mouth, all victorious, as if he'd done something great..... When I realized what it was I let out a shriek! NOOO... DROP IT!!!! As I rushed over I scooped up the little abductee in my hands, inspecting him over and over. Once I realized he escaped unharmed, I put him back to bed and made sure to put up a baby gate in the doorway to my art room...... SEEEEE even Aliens can get abducted. Lucky for this little alien I rescued him before he could be experimented on. I've decided now, to name him Lucky and keep him for myself, however if you'd like to abduct your own little alien, Maxzeen is up for adoption. Get her or any or her friends at

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